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“Erik’s collaboration and work with senior team members has led to demonstrable improvement in performance.  His focus, passion, and positive personality bring a very high quality to his coaching. Those being coached ask
for more.”

-Jim Madden,
Co-Founder & Managing Director,
Carrick Capital Partners

"Erik brought complete clarity through open dialogue and communication strategies. Having worked in the highest levels of the fashion industry,  I can say that I would recommend Erik’s executive coaching to anyone at any level in the corporate setting."

President, Luxury Lifestyle Brand



We help ensure success for your business and personal pursuits by optimizing leadership and communication through our proven observation, assessment and strategic process. Performance among teams and individuals improves immediately through actionable next steps to create alignment and consistency for your company,
 team and individuals toward a common vision.


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Motivation & Personality Type
Motivation & Personality Type
October 13, 2020
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Objectivity VS Subjectivity
Objectivity VS Subjectivity
January 22, 2019
Promotions are validating and rewarding but if you’re not objective with your colleagues your relationships can suffer. When we get caught up in subjective communication patterns we may label, prejudge, play favorites, or be generally inconsistent. Objectivity is based on the observable which keeps emotions from running wild so your views will be consistent, fair, and away from that water cooler.
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Conscious Participation
Conscious Participation
January 14, 2019
Conscious Participation is actively experiencing our interactions in the present moment.
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